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Who will know my business is for sale.
Confidentiality is a major concern for most business owners.  You want to sell your business, but do not want his employees, competitors or customers finding out.

We offer a process that virtually eliminates that risk. 

When we meet, we will be glad to talk through the steps we take to maintain the confidentiality of your transaction. 

We take every precaution to ensure your transaction remains confidential.  Our process includes, but is not limited to:
  • We meet with you at a time that best works for you.  If you would like to meet after hours, no problem.
  • When we visit, we will dress like any other person visiting your company.  If they typically wear jeans, then that is what we will ware.  We try to blend in anytime we come to your facility during business hours.
  • Our marketing documents are generic.  So when we do any advertising for your business buyers will not know it is your business.
  • We require potential buyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we provide any details other than what is provided in the generic marketing document.  To see a copy, click here.
  • All buyer contact comes through us.  You will not have a buyer contact you directly unless you specifically authorize it at a later phase in the buying process.