Charlotte Business Brokers, Mergers and Acquisitions
Helping Entrepreneurs Buy and Sell Businesses


General Information

Charlotte Business Brokers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Inc. is a full service brokerage firm focusing on Manufacturing, Distribution, Service and Technology businesses.

Our firm has over a decade of experience in the business transfer process including Middle Market Merger and Acquisition transactions.  We are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the Charlotte Market.  All of our brokers have worked and lived in the Charlotte Area for most of their lives.

We limit the number of listings per broker so that we ensure we are focused on making your transaction a priority.

Our goal is to help YOU reach your goals.  Our guiding principles are honesty and integrity combined with a strong work ethic.

We are compensated based on results.  Therefore, we are focused on achieving results for you.

All of our brokers are not only experienced business brokers, but also Commercial Real Estate Agents.  In addition, our staff have experience owning, operating and selling businesses.  In addition, we have a CPA on board to make sure we can handle more complicated issues.

If you want Personalized and Professional Service, then give us a call.  We are here to serve YOU.