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Confidential Agreement

When selling a business, business owners are asked to reveal much information that is confidential and sensitive. Therefore, they have asked us to screen potential Purchasers to determine if they have the financial and managerial capabilities to complete the purchase of their business. Sellers are never shown this profile. We will only use this document to determine which businesses fit your criteria. Please fill out this profile sheet and Non-Disclosure Agreement and electronically sign by submitting.

Until we receive this Client Profile and Confidentiality Agreement, we are unable to give out specific information regarding businesses we have available. Thanks for your understanding.

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By Clicking the "Accept" button below you agree to be bound by the Confidentiality Agreement shown above. After you click the "Accept" button we will immediately email you a link to the details of the listing you selected as long as you are a qualified buyer. If you do not see the email from us immediately, please check your spam folder.