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Mergers and Acquisitions - Finding Buyers
Finding Buyers Finding Buyers

Maximize the benefits of a sale by engaging multiple prospective buyers.

Selling a business requires only one buyer - but engaging multiple prospective buyers increases the probability of maximizing your rewards. Our process is designed to engage multiple buyers that are financially and professionally qualified.

Leverging our networks for your sale

We exclusively represent sellers, but we maintain an active network of companies, private equity firms and other investors that are looking to buy middle market businesses. Our extensive buyer network has been built over the last ten years of representing sellers and working with all types of buyers, CPAs, and attorneys. We leverage this network, along with other targeted marketing efforts, to identify and engage qualified buyers from within the region, across the country, and around the globe.

Defining the buyer profile

We focus on identifying buyers who have the skills, aspirations, and resources to grow your company - since buyers that fit this profile may be willing to pay more than others. Once we have identified them, we proactively (but confidentially) contact prospective buyers with a small amount of information about your business - just enough for them to assess whether or not they are interested in the opportunity, but not enough to breach confidentiality.

Those buyers who demonstrate interest are then screened and qualified by a CBBMA specialist. Once we are convinced they are legitimate prospective buyers and they have signed a confidentiality agreement, then they receive an Offering Memorandum.

The Offering Memorandum is a high-quality professional package that describes your company. It tells buyers the story of your company’s past, highlights the operation’s strengths, discloses any issues, and helps buyers familiarize themselves with the future of your business.

Please Contact Us to see a sample Offering Memorandum or learn more about CBBMA's process for finding buyers.

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