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Consulting Services that Build Value

We can help increase the value of your company.

CBBMA has been selling privately-held companies for over a decade.  As a result, CBBMA has developed a unique perspective on the characteristics shared by highly sought-after companies. 

Based on our firsthand experience, we are well positioned to provide advice on increasing the value of your company.

CBBMA’s consulting answers three key questions asked by the owners of privately held companies:
  1. What is my company’s current value ?

  2. What does the company need to look like operationally/financially to achieve my business valuation goal ?

  3. What initiatives should I pursue to increase business valuation and potentially increase profits ?

The scope of CBBMA’s services varies on a case by case basis, although our efforts generally include assessing your company’s operational, organizational, and financials strengths or challenges.

We are able to estimate the value of a company and identify/prioritize initiatives for increasing value. We can also assist you in formulating value-related objectives and potentially evaluating issues related to the nature and timing of your eventual transition out of the company.

To speak with an CBBMA Principal, please call 704-248-8266 or send us an email.