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Must Sell Business

We realize that sometimes life just happens and you must immediately sell your business.  These are the times you need some helping hands with professional experience to provide a fast and simple solution.

Our solution is very fast and very simple.  We will present an offer to purchase your business within one week and complete the purchase within one month

If you need immediate help operating your business to ensure that the business continues to thrive, we can put a manager in place within 24 hours.

These services are available to businesses that need to be sold immediately for one of the following reasons:
  - Owner health issues,
  - The owner is going through a divorce,
  - Partnership or ownership issues,
  - Unforeseen family issues

Just call Tim Sweeney at 704-248-8266 (24/7). 

If he does not answer, please leave a voice mail and he will get right back to you.

If you prefer, email Tim Below
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