Charlotte Business Brokers, Mergers and Acquisitions
Helping Entrepreneurs Buy and Sell Businesses

The Business Transfer Process - Overview


  • Understanding owner’s goals and objectives.
  • Understanding the Company, industry, competition and marketplace.
  • Analysis to determine price and terms consistent with the marketplace and owners’ objectives.
  • Position Company for sale or acquisition.
  • Draft Confidential Memorandum.  This will include recasting your financial statements to accurately reflect the true earnings of your business.
  • Independent, third-party Business or Seller’s Market Valuation Analysis (MVA) to verify price and terms.
  • Present, through our finance department, your business to the Small Business Administration or other appropriate financial institutions for pre-approval.
  • Develop Blind Business Profile.
  • Client review and agreement on structure of sale.
  • Research and Analysis of industry and potential target companies.
  • Post your business on the appropriate websites through our Internet Division, including the interactive version of the Wall Street Journal.
  • Define buyer criteria.
  • Define buyer profile.


  Screening Buyers
  • For M&A Deals, we identify potential fits and discuss list with owner.  After list approved, we begin contacting companies.
  • Place blind profile in various marketing Media.
  • Present your business confidentially and discretely to our qualified buyers who are looking for a business like yours.
  • Screen potential buyers and secure buyers profile along with confidentiality agreement and financial statement.
  • Track, record and provide marketing reports.
  Visit Buyer(s)
  • If buyer(s) is qualified and interested, provide buyer(s) with Confidential Memorandum.
  • Educate and provide buyer with deal requirements.
  • Visit site with potential buyer(s).
  • Initiate negotiations and Offer to Purchase.
  Execute Offer to Purchase
  • Review and clarify Offer to Purchase.
  • Take charge of the negotiation process to get you the highest possible price for your business and on terms that are acceptable to you.
  • Sign Offer to Purchase.

Third Phase

  Final Discovery and Negotiations
  • Assist you in the due diligence phase of the sale.
  • Complete all outstanding issues.
  • Set closing date.
  • Sign Purchase Agreement and other items necessary for closing.
  • We will be present during all phases of the business transfer and at the closing to handle any last minute problems that may arise.