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Listing #:CL20260Pet     Location:North Carolina

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Business Summary
Specialty store dealing in pet and other animal supplies
Business Activity:
This business has always been very profitable, with a good cash flow, and great customer service. Customers prefer a Mom and Pop type store like this one where people come and visit over a chain store. They also deliver!

Products include all types of pet and animal supplies. Extremely large customer base, and this base is still expanding. Excellent location with room to grow.

Owner of the business also owns the real estate, which is available but not included in the business price. (See page 7 of the confidential memorandum)

Date Business Began:  03/22/1983

Employees:  9 employees, 4 of those are part time.

Reason for Sale:  Retirement/health reasons

Financial Information
Business Price $ 659,000
Cash Down Not Disclosed
Revenue $ 1,997,201
Cash Flow $ 167,436
Revenue Cash Flow
2019 $ 1,997,201 $ 167,436
2018 $ 1,996,919 $ 161,469
2017 $ 1,916,862 $ 135,404